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All of our products are clean and beneficial for your body and a wonderful clean life!  

our largest organ

Our skin is our largest organ and what we apply to our skin will be absorbed into our system.  This is why pharmaceutical companies use patches for drug administration. Our liver is our second largest organ and it has to process everything we put on our skin!  This alone,  is a good reason to use organic products on our face and bodies.
Organic ingredients are the cornerstone of our formulas. We do not use synthetic ingredients, dyes, colorants, fragrances or toxic preservatives.  You will note the slightly orange color in many of our moisturizers.  That is not a result of a toxic colorant but rather, sea buckthorn berry extract which is high in omega fatty acids, including omega 7 which is hard to come by. We also are believers in using anti-oxidants in our products to scavenge the daily bombardment of toxins we live with.
We want you to read the ingredient lists on our products.  We have omitted the Latin names because most of us don't know latin and we want you to understand what you're reading.  You will note that, almost always, aloe vera is the first ingredient on our labels.  The exception is one product utilizes rose distillate rather than aloe.  In most other skin care lines,  you will see water or aqua as that first ingredient.  Our products incorporate many vitamins such as Vitamins A, B and C.  All of our oils are from natural sources like avocado, jojoba, meadow foam and neem, just to name a few.
Our Anti Aging line incorporates peptides that are paraben free.  Peptides will penetrate the epidermis and signal the dermis to create colagen and elastin.
Our scrubs contain rosehip seeds or bamboo powder, which are beneficial to the skin.   
You will not fine hydraquinone (a known cell mutant) in our Fade Away Serum.  What you will see is a long list of many herbs proven to lighten skin.  This is a great product for sun spots and red marks caused by acne.
We want to you to feel confident that you are using the purest and most beneficial skin care line available. 




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