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Dry Skin


Environment and lifestyle impact our skin health.  Cold air and low temperatures can dry out our skin.  Not only that but, we run our home furnaces more when it's cold outside.  If you have gas forced air, consider a humidifier for your home or bedroom.

Low fat diets impact our skin's health. Adding Essential fatty acids to your diet is important to your skin's health.  Adding fatty acids that are included in our moisturizers is a big help.

Smoking deprives the skin of moisture but what's worse, it asphyxiates the skin.  Throw your cigarettes away.

‚ÄčNasal decongestants and alcoholic beverages can also dehydrate the skin.

Cleanse your face only at night. Use a mild cleanser like our Oats and Honey Cleanser.  I also really like a facial scrub like Bamboo Facial Scrub or Scrubilicious that will exfoliate and let your moisturizers work better.  If you have dry skin and shower in the morning, let the water cleanse your face, apply a serum, let it sit for a few seconds and then add your day moisturizer with sf like DMAE for D with 20spf..   Use a creamy or a non-drying cleanser at night. C is the Key is loaded with antioxidants and moisture  Add a serum, let it sit for a few seconds and then apply your moisturizer. Skinutrients is an awesome serum that will make a HUGE difference in your skin's response. Dry skin is the easiest to get under control. Moisture, moisture, moisture.


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