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Beauty, inside and out

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  • All around the world, people are becoming more conscious about what we put in our mouths and the effects on our health.  We read the labels on food packages and shun chemicals.  Finally, we are beginning to understand that our skin, being our largest organ is a clear pathway for toxins to enter the body.  Many of us are starting to look at the labels on our skincare products and even researching the potential damaging effect to our bodies on a cellular level.  We don't drink chemically tainted water, why put it on our skin.  I recommend  tearing apart the ingredients label on your skincare products and go to EWG's Skin Deep website.  Ingredient by ingredient, enter it into the search bar to discover its hazard level.  

I had been using a body lotion that I really liked, carefully avoiding the ingredient label.  One day I noticed an unpleasant odor and turned the bottle over to read the label.  I was horrified the find the first ingredient was ammonia lactate!  The unpleasant odor was that of ammonia!  Needless to say, it went into the garbage and I went to the drawing board.  That was the first iteration of Healing Lotion.  I needed something for ridiculously dry skin and here it was in my own lab!

Bottom line; read the ingredients on everything and avoid hazardous chemicals both inside and out.

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