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Aging is caused by collagen and elastin breakdown, beginning rapidly after the age of 30 with a 1% collagen loss for every year after that.  1% can add up quickly!  The best thing to do is reduce the triggers.  That means using antioxidants to stop the ravages of free radicals that bombard the cells because of internal and external influences.  Remember to apply nourish your skin with powerful antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E.  You'll find this in our Anti Aging for D with 20spf and Anti Aging for N.

Remember to use your sunscreen daily!  The suns rays are damaging to the skin and a sunburn will reek havoc on your skin's future.  Cleanse your skin nightly.  Get the make up off and remove the toxins from the exhaust fumes and office venting system contaminates.  Use products containing vitamin c and retinol.  There is quite a bit of evidence that peptides are beneficial for aging skin.  Peptides are short chain amino acids that trick the body into forming collagen and elastin. Our Anti Aging Serum is one of the best products on the market and you won't pay top dollar for this one.  Try it and you'll be addicted! Sadly, applying collagen directly does nothing. Save your money.


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