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Blackheads, pimples, cystic acne and milia are all too familiar to some people.  You probably know about comedogenic ingredients that can promote acneic skin problems.  Here are a few that you should avoid: lanolin, fragrance,  D & C, red pigments, mineral oil. Ingredients that are uber common these days is dimethicone or cyclomethicone are silicones.  They are great for detangling hair but not so good for skin.  The molecules are large and won't penetrate the surface of the skins they just sit on top and clog your pores that need to breathe!

Acne isn't just a problem for teens, it can be a challenge at any age. Stress and hormones can contribute to acneic conditions.

What can I do?  Choose a good skin care regimen and remember to moisturize.  All too often, people with acneic or oily skin think it's best to deprive the skin of moisture.  On the contrary, using a moisturizer can help stop sebum production.  Choose a cleanser with fruit acids like our Vital Therapy Cleanser or an exfoliant  to help clear away pore clogging skin cells.  

Many people have what is called "dry acne". How do you identify whether you have dry acne is pretty simple.  Does your face feel dry?  Do you have flaky skin? That's a sign of dry skin. Don't be afraid to moisturize.  Try Day Care and Night Care. These are good middle of the road moisturizers to start with.  You may need more moisture but you can start with these. When skin is too dry, this too,  can cause acne breakouts. Cleansing with an exfoliating product like, Bamboo Facial Scrub and adding moisture to the skin will clear this problem up in no time.


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