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Penny evolved Auralto from her professional skin care practice.  She has used her years of experience as a professional Para-Medical Esthetician to formulate and create a full line of skin care products.  The contnued feedback from her clients has been instrumental in fine-tuning product and creating new products to fill specific needs and skin types.





Origin of auralto

Contraction of the word High & Aura, literally. Anti-Aging & Skin Care solutions made in Colorado USA.

First Known Use: circa 2012



the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature, viewed by mystics, spiritualists, and some practitioners of complementary medicine as the essence of the individual, and allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities.

any invisible emanation, especially a scent or odor.


Origin of alto

Italian, literally, high, from Latin altus

First Known Use: circa 1724









Best of Both Worlds  Our products are based on vitamins, organic oils, herbs, distillates and essential oils, combined with laboratory studied enzymes, peptides, herbs, teas and many other beneficial  ingredients.

Auralto products are free of the chemicals used in mass market products and contain the key ingredients found in products costing several times more.

​Our products are available directly from Auralto online and selected Spa's Salons and SkinCare Professionals.


FDA Regulations.  Like most over-the-counter health products, skin care products, in general, are not subject to Food and Drug Administration regulations.  

 Organic Product Claims - Since skin care products are not regulated there are many types of claims about "organic" products.  Beware of claims that products are a certain percentage organic,  Often this percentage represents the percentage of unique ingredients that are organic.  This can be much different that the percentage of the total volume that is organic.  These types of misleading claims are common with lower cost "organic" skin products sold by superstores, grocery stores  and organic heal food and grocery stores




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